We provide more than capital. We are an experienced and well connected partner that will help businesses overcome their challenges and deliver growth.

Our Promise To Partners

Foundation Investment Partners is committed to working collaboratively with the companies we invest in as a trusted partner, advisor, and confidant. We are more than simply investors; we are experienced operators who will put our shoulders to the wheel, giving everything we’ve got to help you fulfill your potential:

Taking care to improve our partner companies without disturbing the legacy of their owners

Caring deeply about the people we work with, prioritizing their motivation and empowerment in the workplace

Actively engaging with and fighting for our portfolio companies, enhancing the fund’s investment performance with our day-to-day involvement

A niche focus that gives us a deep understanding of the businesses we partner with. We have been there, seen it and done it – and have solutions that work

Deep, cross-functional capabilities

Building Healthy And Sustainable Companies

Many of the underlying principles of socially responsible and environmental impact investing also constitute best practices when building healthy companies that will be successful over time. We work with our partner companies to help them strengthen processes, including:

Reduce waste and pollution

Ensure recruitment draws from the widest possible talent pool

Increase morale by creating clear paths of career progression for all employees

Provide employee handbooks specifying codes of conduct

Introduce and implement safety audits to improve employee safety

Improve governance by aligning remuneration to promote long-term financial health

Promote investor representation on operating boards

What We Expect In Return

All we ask for in return is that our partners show a willingness to work with a new and active partner, a demonstrable enthusiasm for their business, and an openness to new ideas and approaches.